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Tamra Judge- Vicki’s Big Mouth Was Why The Fight Started

Big Mouth!

Last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies trip in Ireland came to a close and there were still copious amounts of drama. Tamra Judge took to her blog to discuss the episode and specifically claimed that Vicki Gunvalson‘s big mouth was the reason the fight in the early morning car ride to the airport started. Read on for details about what Judge specifically had to say.

Tamra Judge Vickis Big Mouth Was Why The Fight Started

In her blog, Judge wrote that, “Vicki started telling me that Kelly had been talking badly about me for months. I asked her why? I’ve been so supportive of her and stuck up for her knowing she was not in a good place in her marriage. The more Vicki told me the more I was feeling like a fool for sticking up for her. I sent Kelly a text with a picture of me and Vicki and asked why she was talking badly about me? What had I done to her? She called Vicki a liar and told me she was on her way to my room.”

“When she got off the elevator I started taking to Kelly and she started crying telling me she had never said a bad thing about me,” Judge continued. “So who’s lying? You could see Vicki felt really uncomfortable and ran down the hall so she didn’t have to be confronted. Vicki was doing what she does best tossing her good friends under the bus. By the way Vicki ran off, I believe she was lying to try to get me mad at Kelly. It was so calculated! She knew Kelly had apologized to me and knew I would move on. Seems like Vicki doesn’t want me to be friends with Kelly. I wonder why?”

Judge then addressed the fight in the car ride to the airport, writing, “Vicki… sits there and acts like she has nothing to do with it. Her big mouth was the reason the fight started.”

“Kelly now you know how I feel,” Judge wrapped with saying. “For nine years I have been a loyal friend to Vicki and all she did was talk behind my back. I told the girls… I would be done with her if I found out she was talking behind my back again. Well guess what…you’ll have to wait until next week to hear what Vicki had been telling Kelly about everyone.”

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