Chelsea Houska Wedding

Chelsea Houska Shares Gorgeous Wedding Photo With Fans

Gorgeous Photo!

Recently, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska married fiance Cole Deboer (read about that here). While the ceremony was a small one for close family and friends- with a bigger party being planned next year- Houska and Deboer still did have a photographer present. Recently, Houska shared a gorgeous photo from the couple’s nuptial ceremony. Want to see?

Chelsea Houska Wedding Gorgeous Photo Shared

Houska posted the picture below, which she captioned, “Best.Day.Ever. 10.01.16
@jakephotographysf did such an amazing job with our pictures! ❤️ and @landiduhwith my hair!!! ?”:

Chelsea Houska Wedding

This is such a gorgeous shot and both Houska and Deboer are beaming. It’s clear from this photo they could not be happier together, and seeing this makes us even happier for them.

As fans know, the couple has a new baby on the way (read about that here), which will only make their new life together even more exciting.

We will keep you posted on more updates as they come in.

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