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Sam Role Talks MAFS Season 4’s Fifth Week of Marriage Exclusive

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We are so thrilled to have season three Married At First Sight cast member Sam Role back blogging the last few weeks of Married At First Sight season four with us. What did she think of last night’s episode, which showed the couples in their fifth week of marriage and nearing decision day? Read on to see her thoughts!

MAFS Season 4 Sam Role Exclusive Blog Week 5 of Marriage

Welcome back to the new MAFS4 Blog! I have really enjoyed the story that these hopefuls have led us down. I’m really sad to see this season end in a couple weeks.

If you haven’t been watching, then heads up, it’s WEEK 5! It seems so crazy that its already the week before Decision Day! It’s been such a great season so far. I think these couples have been very honest with themselves and, at the end of the day, that’s what matters. Kudos to all of the people who allowed us to view their scary, amazing, emotional, crazy story!

Now let’s get to it!

Lilly and Tom:

This couple has had it made from day one. You would’ve thought they knew each other in another life and it’s so cute! This episode, Dr. Pepper sends the two couples on second honeymoons in order to allow them to reflect on their marriages and their sustainability. Lilly and Tom are sent on a trip to the Keys with the strict rule that there are no cell phones or electronics to be used so they can focus on each other. I think that turning off any other outlet is a smart thing to do on a romantic trip and Lilly and Tom think the same. Tom suggests that they go in the bus and they head on down to the Keys!

While there, Tom and Lilly start to have some real thoughts about Decision Day.  But no worries, they have an amazing snorkeling trip planned and it seems to bring them closer! Tom seems to be a fish out of sea and Lilly doesn’t like the ocean quite as much. Lilly is definitely up to overcoming her fears, though, because she knows that this is a part of Tom’s life so she just jumps in. You go girl! As I watched, I was having flashbacks, but when he said nurse sharks, I was done! Overall, this trip seemed to go pretty well and I’m glad, too, because they make a sweet couple.

Right before they return, Lilly is really considering the surgery she needs for her shoulder. Tom wants Lilly to get an opinion from a doctor who works in alternative medicine, but Lilly feels pretty good about getting the surgery done. I can understand where Lilly is coming from when it comes to getting the surgery. I would probably be the same way. I also see where Tom is coming from because its non-surgical and probably has less/no risk. I could see myself sticking to the surgery as well, but to each is own. I’m sure that this is nothing but a little speed bump and Tom will support whatever Lilly chooses. With Decision Day in just a week, I really think these two will be just fine.

Sonia and Nick:

Ok, so let me start off by saying that I love this couple! Sonia is probably my MAFS twin in so many ways. From the day that Sonia and Nick walked down the aisle, I knew that there was something really special with these two. After all of the ups and downs that Sonia and Nick have gone through, they are doing a great job at keeping it all together. This process isn’t the easiest and it breaks you out of comfort zones that you didn’t know existed. These two have been really working at their communication and bond. After some tough words were said, Sonia has decided to move out. I can’t really blame her for how she feels…who can? We all have our own way of processing things in our own minds, relationships, and interactions. No matter how much you think you are prepared for this process- you aren’t! When was the last time that you married a stranger, right? So without having precedence in the situation how can you really know how to prepare? That being said, I think that Sonia taking things slow when it comes to moving back in is commendable. Throughout this whole process, I can see how Sonia and Nick have fully committed themselves to this process and while doing that, they have been true to who they are.

The second honeymoon that they are sent on by Dr. Pepper really opens the doors for this spark to reignite and I am so happy that it has! I love the bike ride that Sonia and Nick go on because this is truly a test of trust on Sonia’s behalf. It’s hard to steer a vehicle when you can’t see the road and she only has Nick to lean on. So far things are going perfectly! On the first night, when Sonia and Nick go to dinner, Sonia is looking great as she always does, but this time I see a little sparkle in her eye and Nick sees it too.

It was so refreshing to see how dumbfounded Nick was to see the beauty that his wife carries inside and out, not to mention um… daaaaaaaaaang girl you lookin’ good in that “freakem dress!” I love that Nick tells her she looks beautiful because sometimes we need to hear that, but don’t get it twisted! This doesn’t erase what was said and what happened, but it’s not a bad start to mending the relationship. I can tell that the stress of the experiment and the process is beginning to wear on them both (I know how you both feel!), but it’s not stopping them from progressing. Nick really wants Sonia to move back into the house, but it’s going to take a little bit more than a fun weekend getaway to make Sonia get back to that level of trust with Nick.

Don’t judge too quickly now, because the ring is back on!! So glad that, after their trip, things have gotten a little bit better to where Sonia feels honest enough with herself and Nick to put the ring back on her finger to prove her commitment to this relationship and the process. With only a week left in the experiment, will this be enough to keep the relationship going past Decision Day? Um, it better! I can’t take another heartbreak.

Tell us- what do you think about what Sam thought of last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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