Sonia Granados Derek Schwartz

Sonia Granados Dating Derek Schwartz? Exclusive

MAFS Crossover?

This season on Married At First Sight, we saw cast member Derek Schwartz have his wife, Heather Seidel, announce that she wanted a divorce early on (read about that here). While the other two couples are still together on the show, a rumor has begun circulating that Sonia Granado(who is married to Nick Pendegrast on the show) has been dating Schwartz! Is there any truth to these rumors? Read on for details.

Sonia Granados Derek Schwartz Dating Exclusive

According to sources close to the situation that we spoke to, we were informed that, “Sonia is definitely NOT dating Derek.”

So what about all the rumors that have sprouted?

Our insiders told us that, “They’re simply that- rumors. There is absolutely no validity to them, though.”

It will be interesting to see what the two remaining Married At First Sight couples decide as they near decision day in the next few weeks. We will definitely be tuning in and keeping you posted.

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