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Jacqueline Laurita- Melissa Is The Reason My Emotions About Teresa Were Scattered

Scattered Emotions!

Real Housewives of New Jersey has definitely had its share of a dramatic few weeks, with the explosive Vermont trip and the aftermath. This morning, Jacqueline Laurita posted her blog and opened up on why she started having doubts about her relationship with Teresa Giudice. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Jacqueline Laurita Melissa Is Why My Emotions About Teresa Were Scattered

Laurita discussed in her blog that she feels Melissa Gorga is why things started to go south for her and Giudice.

Specifically, Laurita wrote, “Melissa is the sole reason my emotions were so scattered about Teresa. I really wanted to believe that Teresa was sincere about wanting to rebuild our friendship, HOWEVER, Melissa was the one who kept me from believing it was ever genuine from day one! Melissa was the one who told me not to trust Teresa.”

Melissa was the one that told me Teresas friendship with me wasn’t real or sincere and not to trust it or her!” Laurita continued. “Melissa is the one who made me feel paranoid and confused about my friendship with Teresa. I would listen to Melissa, but then when I would actually spent time with Teresa, it felt so real and normal, like the good old days. I felt confused.”

Melissa is the one who always made me doubt my friendship with Teresa,” Laurita reasserted.

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