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Maci, Catelynn, and Amber Walked Off Reunion Stage Exclusive

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Earlier today, we exclusively reported that at yesterday’s taped Teen Mom OG reunion, a physical altercation went down (read about that here). Now, we have also learned that during the time at the end of the show when all of the women sit down together, Maci BookoutCatelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood walked off the set! What happened? Read on for exclusive details.

Maci, Catelynn, and Amber Walked Off Reunion Stage Exclusive

“When the women came onstage, Farrah was missing from the group,” our source exclusively told us.

“Maci asked where Farrah was,” our insider continued, “and Dr. Drew claimed he didn’t know the answer to that. Maci proceeded to tell him that she has been doing this show for eight years and every year the women arrive on time and do their jobs.”

“Dr. Drew tried to talk,” our source added, “but Maci insisted he let her talk. She said this has been a long time coming and that every year the women are professional and that the three women onstage do their job and never complain. She also said that she arrived at 9:30 AM and it was now 10 PM and the reason it was so late was that Farrah threw a fit this AM and made everyone wait for five hours like she does every time.”

“Maci wasn’t done, though,” our insider continued detailing, “as she then said that she is just as important to this show as Farrah is. She also said Amber and Catelynn are just as important as Farrah is and that they are no longer going to be on Farrah’s time. She then said ‘Thank you. Goodbye.’ and the three women all walked off the stage in the middle of the show and refused to talk anymore.”

“It should be noted that all three women and their men did come out and personally thanked the audience,” our source added. “The audience seemed to approve of what they did, as they gave them a standing ovation.”

It should be noted our source also confirmed this is what Maci’s husband’s mic drop tweet was about.

We will be sure to update you with any other information we hear about the reunion.

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