Meghan King Edmonds Baby Shower

Meghan King Edmonds- Here’s Why Hayley Missed My Shower Exclusive

Missing Shower Guest!

This past weekend, Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds had a shower for her baby. While many guests were present, one was noticeably missing- Jim Edmonds‘s daughter, Hayley, who appeared on last season of the show. Rumors immediately started flying that it was due to the two not getting along. So what really happened?

Meghan King Edmonds Baby Shower Hayley Not There Exclusive Reason

We reached out to Meghan who told us that, “Hayley has a new job and was working, and that’s why she wasn’t present. Nothing more.”

While we were glad to hear it was not due to any tension between the pair, we were also thrilled to read that Edmonds did have a ton of family support around her, as she shared on Instagram, that, “Today I was showered with love by my in-laws! How lucky am I to have such a loving and thoughtful bonus family?! (Jimmy’s aunt, mom, Lauren’s future mother in law, Lauren, me, my sister Julie, Jimmy’s two aunts and grandmother) now just need to feel better so I can get out of bed for more than three hours #virus#nomeds #cantbreathe #babyshower#8monthspregnant.”

We wish Edmonds the best as her pregnancy progresses.

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