Jeremy Calvert Fiance

Jeremy Calvert’s Fiance Brooke Pregnant? Exclusive

Baby On The Way?

For what seems like forever, Teen Mom 2 Dad Jeremy Calvert has had rumors swirling around his fiance Brooke Wehr, claiming that she is pregnant (read about those here). These rumors sprung up again within the last few weeks, with fans of the show who ran into her claiming they saw what looked to them like a baby bump. So is Wehr pregnant or not?

Jeremy Calvert Fiance Brooke Pregnant? Exclusive

We reached out to Calvert today and asked him if his fiance is pregnant. He went on record to specifically tell us that, “Brooke is definitely NOT pregnant.”

We are sure that if the couple decides that they want to have a child together, they will not hide that fact and will make fans of the show aware of it.

We wish them the best as they continue planning their wedding together!

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