MAFS Season 4

MAFS Season 4 Decisions Revealed

Decision Day Done!

Last night on Married At First Sight, season four- aside from next week’s reunion- came to a close. While this season proved shocking, with the early divorce of Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel (read about that here), last night we got to see the decisions of Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast, as well as Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson. So what did the couples decide?

MAFS Season 4 Decisions Revealed

For fans of the show, it was definitely a great evening, especially compared to last season when two out of three couples broke up.

After mulling on their decision, Nick told Sonia he did want to stay married to her. Although Sonia had some issues with Nick along the way, she agreed she also wanted to stay married to him (yay!).

Lillian and Tom also had some thinking to do, as they were very much in love at first sight, but had some concerns about their future together. Luckily, they decided their love for each other was stronger than their concerns and they also decided to stay together.

Next week, we will get to see if after the show the couples are ultimately still together.We are hopeful for good news, as last night’s episode definitely warmed our hearts.

Tell us- what did YOU think of the decisions? Sound off in the comments below.

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