Finding Prince Charming Episode 8

Friend-zoned By His Sister?!- EXCLUSIVE Clip from TONIGHT’S “Finding Prince Charming”

Exclusive Clip!

We have been keeping up with everything regarding Logo’s hit new dating series, Finding Prince Charming, and we can’t believe that there are only four handsome suitors left fighting for Robert’s heart.

Finding Prince Charming Episode 8 Exclusive Clip

On tonight’s episode, the suitors get a huge surprise… they get to meet Robert‘s family! Like any family, Robert’s family is very protective of him and want to make sure the man he is with is with him for all of the right reasons. Even though his sister might seem sweet at first, she knows what she wants for her brother and she’s not going to let him have any less than what he deserves.

What happens when one of the suitors gets put in the friend-zone by Robert’s sister? Find out in this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode!