Brandi Glanville Exclusive Texts Back To Kristen Doute Revealed

Exclusive Texts!

Yesterday, a new episode of Brandi Glanville‘s Unfiltered podcast went live with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent. During the podcast, Kent ratted on some of her co-stars and explained why she decided to leave the show (read about that here). After hearing the podcast, Kristen Doute wasn’t all too happy and decided to text Glanville about it in a rather confrontational manner, telling Glanville to “stop it.” What Doute didn’t post was Glanville’s responses, which were on point. We have exclusively obtained them. Read on for details.

Brandi Glanville Kristen Doute Exclusive Texts Back Revealed

In the initial text Doute posted last night, she said, “Brandi. ‘Lala’ was f**king a married man, with children, the entire season. Stop it.”

Here is a copy of that:

Brandi Glanville Kristen Doute

In the response, which Doute did not share, Glanville said, “How was I to know this? I simply interviewed her and liked her. I haven’t seen the season and people don’t volunteer that kind of information so please don’t tell me to ‘stop it.’ I’m doing my job and last I checked you have nothing to do with that. Bye.”

Rather than let it go, Doute continued, texting back, “That’s totally fair that you didn’t know but now you do. I cringed while she spoke about liking older men. I hope his wife doesn’t listen. I just couldn’t handle you both trashing me/all of my friends without saying something. If we are all ugly, talentless losers- why would I want to commiserate with you about that? I love my job, I love my friends and I don’t enjoy being cruel.”

“I am sure you don’t give a rats ass, but I have twitchy thumbs,” Doute added.

Glanville then responded back, “Well you had your chance to speak your peace on my podcast. We set a time to call you and had booked it in but you didn’t answer.”

“You guys all sleep with each other’s boyfriends,” Glanville continued. “You guys are all really not perfect so going after her doesn’t make any sense to me and I didn’t know anything about that and still don’t know if that’s true. Now what’s done is done.”

“It just seems like a lot of the pot calling the kettle black,” Glanville wrapped with saying. “And yes I have a personal issue ur friend was sleeping with my husband while I was pregnant with my second child. So that’s it. Keep posting our texts. I don’t care. Doing my job- have a beautiful day and enjoy your ‘job.'”

Here are copies of the exchanges:

Brandi Glanville Kristen Doute

Brandi Glanville Kristen Doute

We also spoke to Glanville for an exclusive comment and she told us that, “When you sign up for a reality television show you put yourself out there for people to have opinions about you- the good the bad and the ugly. It shouldn’t  matter what people think of you when you put yourself out there for this kind of scrutiny. People have plenty of negative opinions about me I don’t go texting them all starting a war or I’d be on my phone all f***ing day. She’s being ridiculous.”

We definitely understand why Glanville would be upset by Doute coming at her, as Glanville was simply doing her job and interviewing Kent like she would with any other guest on her podcast. Rather than understand that, Doute seemed to attack her for it.

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