Meghan King Edmonds Baby Shower

Why Jim Edmonds Was Missing From Baby Shower Exclusive

Missing Jim?

Recently, we exclusively revealed why Jim Edmonds‘s daughter Hayley was not present at Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds‘s baby shower (read about that here). Now, people have begun questioning why Jim was not present. We reached out to Meghan to find out.

Meghan King Edmonds Baby Shower Why Jim Was Missing Exclusive

When reaching out to Edmonds, we found out that Jim was not there because it was a baby shower women were attending. 

Friends and family members of Meghan attended, but they were women.

This totally makes sense, as bridal showers and baby showers are definitely events that typically only women attend.

We are so excited for Edmonds to give birth and wish her the best as she nears the end of her pregnancy!

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