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Andy Cohen Addresses Awkward WWHL

Awkward WWHL!

Last night, viewers watching Watch What Happens Live with Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd were confused last night when two callers called in calling out a “dome” and saying other various things Dodd seemed to get upset about (including insinuating Dodd had an affair). Andy Cohen clearly looked confused and, when Dodd didn’t want to discuss it further, told callers changing their questions/talking about things most viewers didn’t know about was boring. Cohen took to Twitter to address the episode of WWHL. What did he have to say?

Andy Cohen Kelly Dodd WWHL Awkward Episode Addressed

“Cpl callers changed the questions they told our screener & went rogue on air,” he tweeted. “Sorry guys. said she expected it – we didn’t.”

He also tweeted in response to a fan that asked what was going on with references to “dome” “hacked emails/oracle employees” and more that, “Yeah someone explain it to me too! not that interesting for the people who have no clue. Boring, as a matter of fact…”

“If I knew there was something to ask I would’ve,” he added. “I ask every other rude question.”

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