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Tamra Judge- It’s Not Cool Kelly Is Trying To Blame Me And Shannon

Not Cool!

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, a very awkward situation went down when Kelly Dodd was on where multiple callers called in confronting her about an alleged affair she was having with a mystery man named Frank (read more about that here). Dodd both on the show- and after on social media- tried to place blame on Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge for having a part in this due to a message she obtained of Judge answering someone on Instagram about it. Today, Judge appeared on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop Podcast. Prior to taping the podcast, Judge and McDonald did a Facebook live and discussed the situation. What did Judge have to say? 

Tamra Judge- It’s Not Cool Kelly Is Trying To Blame Me And Shannon

She tried to blame me and Shannon” Judge explained of the situation that went down last night. “I was like I’m out trick or treating, I’m sorry you got exposed for cheating.”

McDonald went on to detail that she herself had received emails regarding the situation yesterday, prior to any of this going down on WWHL.
Judge then explained exactly what had gone down:
– Several direct messages on Instagram were sent to the cast regarding the situation from various people.
– These direct messages contained alleged private text messages involving Kelly and Michael which were verified with their phone numbers.
– Judge admitted she responded to one of the Instagram messages.
It’s not cool that she’s trying to blame me and Shannon,” Judge dished on the situation. “I texted her last night and said what are you doing? Tons of people are reaching out to people exposing your messages. What I’m guilty of is I responded back to one of them.”
Judge then wrapped with saying that, “I’m just guilty of entertaining it.”
Judge had also posted this screenshot of a message she received last night on social media that she since deleted proving someone reached out to her about the situation:
Tamra Judge Shannon Kelly
We have a feeling that more on this situation is going to come out in the coming days. We will be keeping you posted on the developments and look forward to hearing Judge and McDonald dish more about it when Juicy Scoop is released.
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