Captain Lee Ben Robinson

Captain Lee Slams Ben Robinson For Crossing The Line

Crossing The Line!

This season of Below Deck has been chock full of drama between the crew members as usual. In his newest blog, head of the ship Captain Lee slammed chef Ben Robinson for his behavior this week. What did he say?

Captain Lee Ben Robinson Crossed The Line

Ben, what in the world am I ever going to do with you?” Captain Lee began. “Your job is to prepare exquisite meals for guests that pay a great deal of money to eat them. And you do that so well. Does it really make a difference whether they call it brunch or breakfast? They are eating at different times. It’s not easy on anyone, but you seem to be the only one with your nose out of joint on what it’s called. Please stop with the nit picking. You are a brilliant chef. But your personal life and opinions have no place here.”

“Nor do your arrogant, condescending attitudes towards our guests,” Captain Lee continued. “You may express your opinions to Emily or anyone else in private about our guests, I can’t prevent that, but to set out to deliberately humiliate a client and embarrass her intentionally was so over the line. Had I been there and witnessed it, as soon as the charter was over, you would have received a plane ticket out of there. Totally unacceptable behavior from a senior crew member who is there to serve at the clients’ pleasure (clients who by the way pay us).”


“Such arrogance and condescension was appalling to witness,” he added. “Not just Ben being Bennie and doing what Bennie does, you were just plain obnoxious and rude period. Especially after she didn’t think you and Em had a future. Then you not only wanted to embarrass her, you put Em on the spot to help you do it. No excuse, and if I see it again personally, we will part company.”

Under no circumstance do you set out to deliberately humiliate a guest and get away with it on my boat,” Captain Lee wrapped with saying. “And by the way Ben, I don’t always have advance notice when the weather is going pear shaped. Anytime you feel that you can do my job better than me, I will gladly step aside a let you have at it. So whenever you feel froggy, you go ahead and take that leap. I will be more than happy to acquiesce to your expertise in the wheelhouse.”

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