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Jim Marchese Slams Amber For Bad Sex Life

Sex Life Slam!

UPDATE: Amber has released a statement to us EXCLUSIVELY about this! Read it here

While we recently exclusively revealed Amber Marchese may be being discussed to come back into the Real Housewives of New Jersey fold (read about that here), we are currently loving watching her and Jim on Marriage Bootcamp. Tonight, there is an explosive scene where Jim sounds off on Amber about their sex life that will surely have people talking. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Jim Marchese Amber Slammed Over Bad Sex Life

In a clip from tonight’s episode that has leaked, there’s a rather explosive rant from Jim where he says, “I just…I want to make love to my wife. I want to be with my wife. And you know what you do to me? You put your mouth on my d**k like it’s a G-d damn f***ng lube job! I’ve had hookers blow me better than you.”

“One day, I’m gonna f**k the sh*t out of some b**ch and you’re gonna be like, ‘Why’d you do that?’” he continues. “And I’m gonna be like, ‘you remember this night?’ Because I’ll put it this way… I’ll go to hell rather than live in hell for the next 10 years.”


“You’re the best mom ever,” he adds. “And you know what? For that, I’ll put up with this s**t for another 10 years. I will do whatever I’ve got to do to get f***ng to 18.”

“But I got news for you,” Jim wraps with saying. “The day she’s 18 and I’m f***ng a 22-year-old, if you are shocked, don’t be!

Here is the explosive clip:

We are definitely going to be tuning into Marriage Bootcamp tonight on WE TV to see how this plays out.

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