RHONJ Season 7 Reunion

Teresa and Jacqueline Go To WAR In Explosive RHONJ Reunion Clip

Duking It Out!

On Sunday, we will get to see the first part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. In a sneak peek that has been released, it seems that Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita are, unsurprisingly, going to war. What do we mean?

RHONJ Season 7 Reunion Jacqueline Teresa Fight

In the clip, the topic of Joe Giudice cheating on Teresa comes up.
“I would go find the hottest guy ever,” Teresa says. “I know I’m not ugly… You think I would stay with Joe? And I think Joe knows that very well.”
Teresa then shockingly says to Jacqueline, “Why don’t you tell everybody your husband cheated on you? And you took him back”
“Cause he didn’t,” Jacqueline immediately clarifies.
“He cheated on you. Why don’t you tell the whole world,” Teresa continues.
“My husband never cheated on me,” Jacqueline responds again.
“You’re such a liar,” Teresa yells back.”You told me.”
“Chris never cheated on me.My ex-husband cheated on me,” Jacqueline states.
Then, Teresa says, “Dolores used to hate Jacqueline. Despise her.”
“I never despised Jacqueline,” Dolores then clarifies.
Then, after the two spar more, the topic of Teresa’s felonies come up and Teresa says, “I pled guilty and you set me up.”
Check out the clip here:

This definitely sounds like it’s going to be an explosive reunion and we will definitely be tuning in.
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