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Exclusive: Savannah Chrisley- I Want It To Be Stylish And Classy

Exclusive Conversation!

We adore Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best and were very excited when we heard the news that she would be creating a clothing line. Aside from being excited for her to have a product line out, we were especially thrilled it was a clothing line, as she’s always been such a positive role model for women (read more about that here). We caught up with Chrisley last week to discuss her new clothing line. What did she have to tell us? Read on to find out.

Savannah Chrisley I Want It To Be Stylish and Classy Exclusive

“I’m creating my clothing line along with Tiger J,” exclusively told us, “and they are the company that’s helping me with all of the designs. We’re in the process of creating samples now and they have been a great team to work with. Once we have completed our samples, we’re going to present it to Home Shopping Network in the spring. Giuliana Rancic has been guiding me/helping me and giving me advice on the best direction to take it in, as she has clothing on HSN. We’re currently just waiting for the samples to come back.”

We then asked Chrisley why she was passionate about creating a clothing line. She explained that, “My Dad and I have always bonded over clothing and have always enjoyed trips to the mall together. Seeing the love my Dad has for fashion motivated me to be interested in the fashion world. Also, his knowledge and appreciation of fashion led me to be more aware of different designs and think outside the box for my own line.”
Growing up he taught me that you need to look good and be presentable wherever you go, because the first time you meet someone is the last time you make a first impression,” Chrisley added. “This also played a role in the development of my line, as I want to look and feel good in my clothes and thus want other young girls and women to feel the same way.”
Since Chrisley has always been outspoken for women being comfortable in their own skins, we also asked her if her clothing line would be one for women of all shapes and sizes.
On this, she detailed that, “One of my first priorities in staring the design process was to make sure that all shapes and sizes were included in my designs. For me it was so important for the designs to be perfect, cut right, and accentuate your waist, regardless of your body type. My clothing line will definitely cater to all body types, and will have pieces that go from very small to very healthy.”
“I was very particular on how I wanted things cut and the pricing of it,” she further explained. “I didn’t want things that were crazy expensive. I don’t like seeing someone want something they can’t have. I wanted to make clothing that was affordable, but also very detailed in the fit. We spent a lot of time critiquing other pieces of clothing so everyone had an idea of what I wanted. That was super important. I want girls and women to love them. I want it to be classy but also very stylish.”
In our lengthy conversation with Chrisley, we also discussed how she manages everything time-wise, the new Chrisley Christmas album, and how her relationship with her boyfriend currently is. Make sure to check back tomorrow for more of our conversation with her.