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Exclusive: Savannah Chrisley- Reality Won’t Last Forever

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Yesterday, we exclusively talked to Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley about her forthcoming clothing line, which she claimed will be stylish and classy (read about that here). ln our lengthy conversation with Chrisley, we also spoke about how she manages her busy schedule, her relationship, and the new Chrisley Christmas album. Read on to see what she had to say.

Savannah Chrisley- Reality Won’t Last Forever Exclusive

“We had a great fourth season,” Chrisley began by sharing with  us on her family’s hit show that just ended last week. “The season finale just ended. We start back filming in December. We’re all super excited about that because we have so much going on. There’s so much to show everyone. That’s what we’re most excited about.”
So how does Chrisley manage her busy schedule, including being a full time student, filming a show, planning a clothing line, and more?
“I’m very motivated,” Chrisley told us. “I love being busy and getting to do what I love; however, it is extremely hard with going to school and trying to manage everything else. That’s why I have my school schedule set for full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. While it makes for two very intense days, it’s worth it, as I can do the other things I love.”
“I’m majoring in Music Business,” Chrisley continued, “so it will help me to combine my love of music with my acumen for business.”
Chrisley then addressed how she’s planning for her future- including her forthcoming clothing line- acknowledging that “reality TV fame” doesn’t last forever.  
“I see so many people that think this (reality) will last forever,” she explained. “It won’t. Things always get old. They go out and new things come in. Therefore I’m going to be prepared for it and when it goes away I don’t want to be miserable what I’m doing.”
“My Dad and I talk about how all of this will go away one day,” she added. “That’s why schooling is so important to me, because once this all goes away, I want to have an education and something I truly love to fall back on, which is music.”
We then asked Chrisley about her family’s new Christmas album, A Chrisley Christmas, which was just released last Friday.
My passion for music does help with the Christmas album we made,” Chrisley told us. “I understand more now after going to school and learning about the music industry. My classes helped me to understand sales, percentages, and how the market thinks.”
“You can get the Christmas album on iTunes or in Walmart,” Chrisley added of her family’s new entertaining holiday album.
We wrapped withs asking Chrisley how her relationship with beau Blaire Hanks is going.
“Things relationship wise are great,” she revealed. “We’re both still kind of doing our own thing. I just feel that it’s so important at such a young age to not put all your faith in a guy. Or for guys, don’t put all your faith in a girl.”


“You have to live your own lives and things will come together how they’re supposed to,” Chrisley wrapped with telling us. “I think it’s great we both continue to have our own careers and do what we love. At the end of the day we’re still us. We keep things going.”
We appreciate Chrisley taking the time to talk to us at length and are so excited to see her projects continuing to develop.
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