Andy Cohen WWHL

Is Andy Cohen Going to Retire From WWHL?

Andy Cohen seems like he’s the busiest person alive. With a new book coming out, his very successful late night talk show, being an executive producer for all of the US housewives franchises, and having his own Sirius XM Radio Channel… the man seems like he never has anytime for himself. There always seems to be rumors going around that Andy’s going to be leaving Watch What Happens Live so he can get one thing off of his plate, but in reality that’s not the case at all.

“I will keep doing Watch What Happens Live for as long as I can. I mean there are times when i’m tired or i’m over it, but mainly i’m very into it,” Andy told The Daily Dish. He continued on by adding, “I absolutely love it. I think I have the greatest job in TV. I get to be myself. I get to have fun. I mean, it’s great.”

No matter how many times Andy tells fans that he’s not going to be leaving his gig at Bravo to host other successful talk shows like Live With Kelly or The Today Show, people still continue to spread those rumors, which honestly flatters Cohen.


We absolutely adore and admire Cohen for everything he does and we’re glad to know that he won’t be leaving Bravo anytime soon.
Tell us, what do you think about what Andy had to say?