Are Sam & Paul from “Finding Prince Charming” Dating? EXCLUSIVE

Even though the first season of Logo’s hit dating show, Finding Prince Charming ends tonight with the dramatic reunion, the drama and rumors never ends with these handsome suitors. We have been keeping up to date with a few of the suitors that ended up not finding love on the show, and most of them are still currently single and still trying to find their own prince charming. Recently though, we saw a few tweets from Sam Provenzano and Paul Hollowell that gave us the idea that the two might be together. Check out these tweets for yourself and you be the judge!


These two tweets might seem like nothing, but we HAD to get the real scoop. We reached out to our Provenzano and he gave us this exclusive statement, “All I can say right now is this… I’m really enjoying getting to know Paul outside of the show. Every time we get together we have an amazing time.” 

Well, there you have it! It seems to us that even though Sam didn’t want to come right out and say it… him and Paul might have something going on besides just being friends and cast mates.

Do you think Sam and Paul are dating? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!