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EXCLUSIVE Jacqueline Laurita Talks ‘Reporting Teresa To The Feds’

No Accountability!

The second part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion wrapped up last night. Among one of the biggest points of contention on the dramatic reunion was when Teresa Giudice tried to claim Jacqueline Laurita had something to do with her legal troubles, even suggesting at one point that Laurita had gone to the Government about Giudice and her husband (read more about that here). We spoke to Laurita exclusively to see what she had to say about the entire ordeal. Read on for details.

EXCLUSIVE Jacqueline Laurita Talks ‘Reporting Teresa To The Feds’

Laurita, who stated on the reunion how ridiculous the allegations were, told us that, “Well, since you asked and I do have the right to defend myself after her ridiculous accusation , I’ll tell you this…The story I’ve heard is that Joe owed his ex partner a lot of money and he said if Joe didn’t pay him back he would talk to the Feds.”

I’ve never met the guy,” she continued. “I don’t even know what he looks like. He knows a mutual friend of ours. Our mutual friend tried to get my husband to get the message to Joe to sit down and talk with Joe’s partner to work out a deal to pay him back to avoid a bad situation.”

Chris told another mutual friend of him and Joe’s, who got the message to Joe,” she added. “Joe told his friend to tell Chris to tell our mutual friend to tell Joe’s partner to ‘go f**k himself’ because he ‘wasn’t going to pay him shit.’ I think that may have pissed off the guy and he may have cooperated with the Feds.”


Laurita had more to say, explaining that, “At that point, I believe Teresa and Joe were already being investigated. I DO know Joe Gorga was friendly with Joe’s ex partner though. They used to talk. I know this because Joe Gorga and Melissa told me that.”

“I think the investigation actually started when Teresa and Joe were flashing so much cash and shopping like crazy on tv and then a tax audit showed they hadn’t filed or paid taxes in many years,” she further elaborated. “Also, I think when they tried to withdraw their fraudulent bankruptcy filing, it sent a red flag to bankruptcy judge and he may have reported it to the US Attorney.”

Teresa will never take accountability for anything,” Laurita wrapped with telling us. “She will continue to blame me, Melissa, her brother, Bravo, production, her ‘celebrity’ status, her attorney’s, her accountant, Joe’s ex partner, etc. etc. etc. The list has already been a mile long!”

She will blame everyone but herself and her husband for committing those crimes,” she added. “She never took true responsibility for it. She took a punishment. There is a difference.”

We appreciate Laurita giving us extensive details on the situation.

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