Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Jenelle Has Major Drama With Nathan and Her Mom At Teen Mom 2 Reunion Taping?

Drama Alert!

This past weekend, the reunion for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 was taped in Los Angeles, California. According to some messages sent to Twitter account @_TeenMomTruths_, Jenelle Evans was allegedly involved in some major drama with her mom, Barbara, and her ex Nathan Griffith. In addition, Evans’s current beau David Eason allegedly didn’t tape the special due to him being upset with her. Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2 Reunion Drama With Nathan Mom and David

The following are the messages that were posted to the Twitter account claiming to be from two different anonymous viewers at the reunion. They claim many things, including that:

And so much more!

Here are the messages:
Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2 Reunion Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2 Reunion

We have reached out to people in Evans’s camp but have not heard back yet. We will update the story if we do. However, it should be noted that Evans has a picture with Eason (attached to this story) on what appears to be a set, so it is possible the rumor he did not show up to tape may not be 100% accurate. In addition, they also look 100% happy in the photo, so it doesn’t seem like he’s angry at her.

Tell us- what do YOU think about the alleged things that occurred? Sound off in the comments below.

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