Kail Lowry Divorce

Kail Lowry- People Will Be Surprised To Hear My Feelings On Divorce Exclusive

An Open Book!

Yesterday, we exclusively chatted with Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry about her upcoming new book, Hustle and Heart (read that here). Below is part two of our conversation, where we talk about some other personal things Lowry touches on in the book. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Kail Lowry Divorce People Will Be Surprised To Hear My Feelings Exclusive

In her book, Lowry talks openly about her mother and the struggles her mother had with alcohol, noting how her mom cared more for bottles than for Lowry. We asked Lowry how this helped with her parenting and she told us that, “I think my parents not being there for me has taught me what not to do as a parent.”

As far as what readers will find most surprising in the book, Lowry dished that, “I think people will be surprised to read about my feelings on the divorce and having a happier/positive outlook now.”

Another thing we couldn’t help asking Lowry was the hint she seemed to drop in the book that Teen Mom 2 is ending soon. To this, she explained, “I’m not really sure when Teen Mom 2 is ending. My point was just that the show is not going to last forever.”

One other thing we couldn’t help asking Lowry was about what advice she would give to women who struggle with the body issues she details struggling with in her book. She stated that, “Sleep on it, think, see a nutritionist, trainer, etc. I did all of the above before making my final decision.”

I’m excited for this book to come out,” Lowry wrapped with telling us. “I hope people see my progress.”

We are so excited for Hustle and Heart to come out next week. Make sure to click the link below to pre-order!


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