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EXCLUSIVE Blind Item: RHOM Cast Member Trying To Make It Look Like Show Is Returning


While we recently reported that any future for The Real Housewives of Miami looks grim at best (read about that here), we have now exclusively learned a VERY interesting blind item related to one of the cast members. Read on for details.

RHOM Returning One Cast Member Trying To Make Press Think That Blind Item Exclusive

According to some information we just obtained, one of the former cast members is desperately trying to make it look like the show is returning- even though the cast has been more or less told that it NEVER will!

Our insider dished that this specific cast member who DID appear on all three seasons- though not necessarily in a full time capacity- has been “calling tabloids trying to get them to do a story claiming the show is returning; however, the tabloids have been turning her down left and right, as they know this is inaccurate information and don’t want to put their reputation on the line.”

“They also believe this is a ploy to make it appear that there is hope the show will return, even though sadly there is none,” our source addd.

In addition, our insider dished that, “This same person is constantly trying to get the old cast members together at any function where their picture could be taken, in the hopes the press will start talking about the possibility the show could return.”

Tell us- who do YOU think this is? Sound off in the comments below.

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