Genise Shelton Talks Joining “Married To Medicine” & Her Drama with Dr. Heavenly! EXCLUSIVE

This season of Married to Medicine has been very dramatic already and we’re only three episodes in! With Mariah Huq’s return to the group and alliances shifting, this season is shaping up to be one for the books! Genise Shelton is joining the ladies this season and made a huge impression the moment she was introduced by speaking her mind and standing up to veteran cast member, Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Viewers have not seen a lot of Shelton yet this season, but she is definitely the talk of the town! We caught up with Shelton to get her take on exactly what transpired between her and Dr. Heavenly and to find out more about this Doctor’s wife. What did she have to tell us? Read on to find out!

Genise Shelton might be new to reality TV, but she is definitely not new to Atlanta and has A LOT going on outside of the show. Genise has many different businesses including being the Owner of Infiniti International Hair Boutique,  Owner of Flawless Bikini Collections and Apparel, and being a highly sought after Realtor in Atlanta serving all communities. She wears many different hats everyday whether it be as a Mother of six amazing children, a loving wife, a model, actress, realtor, business owner, or just one of the girlfriends… this georgia peach can definitely do it ALL and do it all very well!

Even though fans didn’t get officially introduced to Genise until the second episode of the season, Genise did attend Lisa Nicole’s celebration of life party in the premiere and even though this was her first time meeting a lot of the ladies officially, she really enjoyed talking with most of them, except Dr. Heavenly. Unfortunately, Heavenly came off very shady and rude to Shelton and her husband when they first met. Shelton shared with us that from the moment she was introduced to Heavenly, she was berated with questions about why she works for her husband and what her custody situation was like with her husband’s children from a previous marriage. “When my husband mentioned to her that his former wife had passed away, you should have seen the look on her face! Yeah, get your face up off the ground because that’s not something you ask someone! That was completely out of line and disrespectful and she needs to be checked on that”, Shelton told us.

Since Genise didn’t really have the opportunity to confront Heavenly when they first met, their drama continued into Mariah’s new beginnings party. Regarding the heated argument between the two at Mariah’s party Shelton told us that, “To be honest I wasn’t expecting Toya to just jump in and start the conversation about the issue between Heavenly and I. My initial plan was to talk to Heavenly one-on-one on the sidebar, but I thought we could have a civil mature conversation between two grown adults. Things escalated quickly when she called me out of my name and I just lost it at that point. I do regret having to confront her that way, especially at Mariah’s home… I did pull Mariah to the side and apologize for that because that’s definitely not what I wanted to do or how I wanted to come across at that dinner table.”

Even though Genise didn’t get off to the best start with the group, we will be seeing much more of her this season and Genise is so excited to be a part of this amazing show! “I’m actually really glad I joined the show this season”, Shelton told us… “Married to Medicine is the only TV show out right now that is promoting black family. All of the couples are married, families that are really together, 8 prominent successful doctors, and you have the spouses that are business people and really doing their thing! Even with all of the drama and entertainment, the foundation is still there and I really wanted to be a part of that and i’m honored to have this amazing opportunity.”

We are SO excited to see more of Genise this season and we really enjoyed chatting with her!

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