Brandi Glanville Nativity photo

EXCLUSIVE Brandi Glanville Nativity Photo Response

Exclusive Response!

Over the long holiday weekend, Brandi Glanville posted a photo of her pretending to give birth to Jesus in a nativity scene. While the photo was intended to be a joke, it quickly exploded as a topic of conversation on the internet, with people criticizing the contents of the photo, Glanville, and more. We reached out to Glanville- who has since removed the photo- to get her exclusive response to all of the comments people have been making about it. What did she tell us? Read on for details.

Brandi Glanville Nativity Photo Response EXCLUSIVE

Glanville exclusively shared with us that, “It was meant to be a joke.”
I’m Christian and grew up Lutheran,” she continued explaining. “It wasn’t meant to be a  big deal.”
Glanville also addressed the critics, telling us that, “God has forgiven me and it’s time to get over it.”
Glanville also took to Twitter to issue similar sentiments, sharing that, “I made a joke about where babies come from in poor taste. I am Christian raised Lutheran. I apologized & took it down. God forgives that’s it!!”
She also tweeted that, “Guess what! God forgave me!!now you people that don’t think spewing hate is a sin might want to check in with our Lord!”
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