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Kenya Believes Matt Destroyed Parts Of Moore Manor

Destructive Ex?

While Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan are reportedly back together right now, there definitely have been some rocky moments for them in the past (read about one here). In a police report obtained by Radar Online from August of this year, Moore suspected Jordan destroyed parts of Moore manor. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Kenya Moore Matt Jordan Suspected of Destroying Parts Of Moore Manor

The officer who took the report noted that, There was obvious damage to the middle (of three) glass garage door. Three of the glass panels had been shattered. A vehicle was parked on the other side of the glass garage door that was damaged. Through one of the broken glass panels, the rear window of the vehicle had been shattered.”

The officer continued detailing that, “Kenya advised she could not see out of some of the [security] cameras. Four of the cameras had obviously been spray painted with a black substance. A ladder was still propped against the residence under two of the lower cameras that has been spray painted with obvious overspray on the side of the wall.”

I asked Kenya about the suspect, she believed it was Matt Jordan,” the officer also denoted in the report. “Jordan is an ex-boyfriend, they had been together for about a year and had broken up in the past week. Kenya believed the vandalism was related to the breakup.”

In addition to the details regarding what the officer witnessed at the scene, it was also revealed in the report that Moore claimed Jordan had sent her a text saying she’d “regret it” if she called the police in regards to all of her damaged property.

While we do hope the best for Moore and Jordan, we hope that these incidents are also behind them.

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