Les Bohem Moved To Duarte

Les Bohem Moved To Duarte Album Review

Great, Sad Songs!

Being an avid music fan, I have always had a soft spot for folk music and singer-songwriters from the likes of Joni Mitchell to Jay Brannan. There’s something about a the style of folk music combined with a singer-songwriter that can really tear at your heartstrings. For this reason, I was particularly excited when I heard that Les Bohem– a songwriter who Emmylou Harris and Randy Travis have covered- would be releasing a two disc solo album of his own entitled Moved To Duarte. So how is the album? Read on for my review!

Les Bohem Moved To Duarte Album Review

The two disc set opens with The Moral Promise. The song is a somber number backed by an acoustic guitar. From the first lyrics on the album the listener knows they are in for a sad listen, especially when Bohem sings, “California 1981 all my dreams began to come undone.” While listening to the opening track, I also noticed that Bohem had hues of Bob Dylan, which definitely works with this style of music.

“Banjo,” which appears later on the first disc, immediately brought a smile to my face due to the tongue-in-cheek lyrics. This was especially prevalent from the beginning of the song, when Bohem sings, “I can’t play the banjo/ could be cause i’m jewish/ could be cause it’s so damn hard to play. But if I could play the banjo/ it just might seem foolish/ who would want to listen anyway.”

Another song that was quite intriguing on disc one was “Bruce Springsteen Dyes His Hair.” The song immediately caught my attention due to the title and it did not disappoint. Rather than be funny, as I thought it might be from the title, Bohem beautifully reminisces on the idea of being young and hopeful, coupled with time passing.

While some artists who do two disc collections try to change things stylistically from one disc to the other, disc two continues much in the same vein with sad, contemplative tracks that are definitely worth a listen both for their well thought out lyrics and melancholy sound.

Overall, with Moved To Duarte, Les Bohem has created an album that any fan of folk/singer-songwriter music will definitely find something to love in. Make sure to check it out when it arrives on December 9th and check out a song of his entitled Put A Band Aid On My Life below:

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