Teen Mom OG Reunion Fight

EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom OG Reunion Fight Not Set Up By Production Despite Simon’s Claims

Not A Set Up!

Recently, Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, spoke to Hollywood Life, telling them that the Teen Mom OG reunion fight that we exclusively broke the news on (see that here) was “set up by producers.” He also claimed in the interview that Amber Portwood was “very scared” when she ran out onstage and that Matt Baier “ran into Farrah’s father and slipped and bumped him at one point and they fell on the floor.” We have exclusively learned from multiple sources close to production that this couldn’t be further from the truth. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Teen Mom OG Reunion Fight Not Set Up By Production Despite Simon’s Claims Exclusive

According to one of the insiders we spoke with, “The fight 100% was not set up by production whatsoever. They were not expecting it at all, as is evidenced in the footage by security running in and separating everyone from one another.”
As far as Simon’s claims that Amber was ‘scared,’ that also couldn’t be further from the truth,” another source further elaborated. “Amber is a tough woman and when she heard Matt being referred to as a pedophile yet again, she was enraged and for a reason.”
“Also,” our first insider confirmed, “Matt and Farrah’s Dad did not ‘slip and bump’ each other. You’ll have to watch next week to see what happens, but that certainly is not the truth.”
Our second source also questioned that, “If the fight was ‘set up’ and Amber was ‘so scared,’ why didn’t Farrah show up to the Ask The Moms special then?”
As we had previously exclusively revealed, we learned that “Farrah felt unsafe showing up the next day for filming” after the fight (read more about that here).
We will keep you posted with any further details we learn regarding the incident.
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