D I A M O N D S My White Diamond

D I A M O N D S – My White Diamond Single Review

Great Release!

I always get excited about new music. When I heard about the new band D I A M O N D S, who are being compared to The Smiths I was excited. I recently got the chance to check out their single My White Diamond. So is it worth a listen? Read on for my thoughts.

D I A M O N D S – My White Diamond Single Review

The song, which has an extremely upbeat bop your head along feel to it, opens with drums that immediately explode into a fun rock sound. Aside from The Smiths, lead singer Joseph Gárate reminded me a bit of Brandon Flowers from The Killers and Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria. While those are two completely different bands- and the sound here is quite idfferent- Gárate’s voice definitely had elements of both.

I also enjoyed the lyrics in the song, especially when Gárate sang, “If you come up short, I would cut out my lungs and if you come up short I would cut out my tongue… I feel no pain.”

Overall, My White Diamond is an interesting song that I definitely enjoyed. I can’t wait to hear more from D I A M O N D and I encourage you to check them out!

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