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EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lind Preparing Harassment and Slander Lawsuit

Slander and Harassment!

While Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind is no stranger to being criticized on the internet, it seems that he has caught three women who have  taken harassing him too far. Due to this, he is planning on pursuing a harassment and slander lawsuit against them. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Adam Lind Preparing Harassment and Slander Lawsuit Exclusive

Lind exclusively told us that, “There’s a hate page about me on Instagram and I have about 100 screen shots from a source. There are three confirmed women who have been harassing me and making up lies about me.”
While Lind provided us with their names, we have left them out for now to protect their privacy.
“They’re out to ruin my life,” he continued. “Literally. They want to try and shame my name and split Stasia and I apart.”
“Rather than leaving me alone or talking about truthful things, they’re making up lies about me to make me look bad,” he added.
Due to this, Lind confirmed that, “I am planning on pursuing legal action against these three women for harassment and slander. They’ve been doing this for way too long and it’s time for me to have my day in court and get this to end once and for all.”
It is important to note Lind has settled a defamation lawsuit in the past against his ex, Jessica Nicole, so this would not be his first time battling a defamation case.
We will be sure to keep you posted with more details as we get them.
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