Teresa Giudice Holiday Plans

Teresa Talks Holiday Plans-“I Want Joe Here”

Sad Times!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s husband, Joe, is currently serving his prison sentence (read more about that here). Recently, Teresa opened up to Life and Style about spending the holidays this year without Joe. What did she say?

Teresa Giudice Holiday Plans Without Joe

“We are going to spend Christmas Eve with Melissa, my brother, and my parents,” she dished. She also shared that they will spend Christmas with Joe’s family.

“It’s not the same,” Teresa then stated. “I want him here. The girls really want him home, too.”

However, even though she’s understandably sad without Joe around, Teresa is trying to keep a positive outlook.

You can’t be miserable and hide in a corner,” she explained. “You’ve just got to live life to the fullest.”

We hope Teresa and her family do have a good holiday season, even though Joe not being around is definitely going to be hard on them.

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