RHOD Season 2

Exclusive RHOD Season 2- No One Is Bringing It Still

Drama Free Show?

While in the past we have reported that drama seems to be lacking on the currently filming second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas (read about that here), we were hoping by this point in the season something would happen. So what’s going on? Read on for exclusive details we obtained.

RHOD Season 2- No One Is Bringing It Still Exclusive

According to an insider we spoke to, “Everyone is still playing nice with each other and it’s getting frustrating for the producers of the show.”

Nobody seems to be bringing it or stepping up to deliver,” our source continued.

As fans of the show remember, much of the drama last season centered around Leeanne Locken, who was made to be the “villain” of the first season.

Our insider dished that, “Leeanne was promised she wouldn’t have to play that role again, but is starting to feel like she may have to bring it since no one else wants to.”

Currently, as we revealed yesterday, the women are on their cast trip in Mexico (read about that here), so hopefully there will be some drama there.

While we enjoy seeing the women getting along, it is the drama that sells these shows and, without it, we fear Dallas may not see a third season.

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