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EXCLUSIVE: Catelynn Lowell Slams Farrah For Having Sophia Watch Reunion Fight

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Yesterday, it was confirmed to that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, was backstage watching the reunion brawl go down. Abraham’s friend, Simon Sarangave the interview and noted that “none of the other moms had their kids backstage.” Fellow Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell reached out to us to explain why none of the other kids were backstage- and it’s not that the other three Moms don’t care about their children.

EXCLUSIVE: Catelynn Lowell Slams Farrah For Having Sophia Watch Reunion Fight

As to why the other Moms didn’t have their children backstage, Lowell dished that, “We are responsible and know that our children don’t need to see adult content, so we were smart enough to have our kids somewhere else at the time because we care about the well being of our children.
It had nothing to do with not caring for our children,” Lowell continued. “In fact, it’s the complete opposite. We cared enough for our children to ensure they weren’t around things they don’t need to see and hear as children.”
“I can assure you that Maci, Amber, and myself are all great mothers who are beyond dedicated to our children,” Lowell added.

“Farrah, on the other hand, must not have cared,” Lowell wrapped with telling us, “because if you did you wouldn’t be letting your child watch backstage!”

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