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Teresa Was On The Outs With Melissa and Joe Before She Went Away

On The Outs!

While Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga seem to be in a good place now, things were not in such a good spot before she went away to jail (read about that here). In his new book, SuperficialAndy Cohen discusses a last lunch he had with Giudice where she discussed this. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Teresa Giudice Melissa Joe On The Outs Before Prison

Cohen writes that, “She (Giudice) asked what will happen with Housewives while she’s gone and I said I really didn’t know, maybe we would wait for her.”

“She said she would be fine coming back with them al but isn’t sure about Melissa,” Cohen continues.

“Melissa and Joe moved back to Montville and didn’t tell her; she hasn’t seen them since the reunion. They’re ‘fine’ but they’re not talking. So is that fine?”

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