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EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom 2 Dad Officially Quits Show

Over It!

While there is going to be an upcoming Teen Mom Dads Special airing next week, one Dad that was noticeably absent from the special was Adam Lind. Lind recently took to Instagram to explain that he quit the show. We reached out to him to get more information. Read on for details.

Teen Mom 2 Dad Officially Quits Show Exclusive

On his Instagram, Lind wrote, “Just for the record I’ve decided to end teen mom and it’s fake bullshit… I was spose to go to LA for the reunion show… nope told em to kick rocks.

After being offered $$ and other royalties,” he addd. “What a joke. They won’t have s**t for a TV show now.”

We reached out to Lind and he informed us that he is indeed done with the show and that this wasn’t simply an Instagram outburst.

In addition, Lind confirmed that his quitting is why he wasn’t part of the Teen Mom Dads special that is going to be airing soon.

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