Dorinda Medley Getting Married?

Going To The Chapel?

We adore Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley and feel like she’s brought a ton to the show. Could a marriage for her and boyfriend John Mahdessian be in the near future? Read on for details.

Dorinda Medley Marriage Happening?

According to an interview Medley recently did with Radar Online she dished that, “I’m getting married!”

“She says that she is the peanut butter and I am the jelly, but together we are amazing,” Mahdessian added.

Interestingly enough, Radar does end the piece with asking if she was serious about it and to stay tuned, so we will have to see if this really pans out to be true.

Last season on the show, Medley’s relationship with Mahdessian came under scrutiny from some of the cast, but we have always felt that if they’re happy together, they should be together.

Stay tuned as we will be sure to update you with more information if we hear it.

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