RHOD Season 2 Cast Trip

EXCLUSIVE: RHOD Season 2 Cast Trip Drama Revealed!

Drama Revealed!

Recently, we revealed some exclusive details regarding the season 2 cast trip for The Real Housewives of Dallas (read about that here). Now, we have learned from an insider what went down on the trip and if there was actually drama or not, as the majority of this season has been lacking drama-wise (read about that here). What did we hear? Read on for details.

RHOD Season 2 Cast Trip Drama Revealed Exclusive

“There definitely was some drama on the trip,” our source exclusively dished to us.

“A lot of it revolved around some of the women being annoyed with Brandi and Stephanie,” our insider continued. “They were still telling bathroom-related jokes (think last year’s poop jokes) and the other women were not thrilled with this.”

Our source added that, “The majority of the cast found the jokes Brandi and Stephanie were telling inappropriate and obnoxious, and drama broke out like a much smaller/less intense version of the Real Housewives of Orange County Ireland bar scene with Kelly Dodd‘s finger flick.”

We were also informed there was some more drama, as our insider dished that, “There was also some drama directed at LeeAnne from Stephanie and Cary.

What happened with that?

According to our source, “Cary and Stephanie banded together against LeeAnne and mainly were bringing up things that happened last season.”

“Overall,” our insider wrapped with telling us, “there wasn’t any ‘major drama,’ but the trip definitely had some dramatic moments, which is a change from the rest of the season thus far.”

Tell us- what do you think of what went down? Is this enough drama to lure you in? Sound off in the comments below.

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