Jamie Otis Miscarriage

Jamie Otis Shares Heartbreaking Instagram Post About Child She Lost

So Sad!

Earlier this year, we reported that Married At First Sight star Jamie Otis tragically suffered a miscarriage (read about that here). While Otis has been very vocal since losing her child, today she shared a very sad Instagram post about it, as today officially marks one week before her child was due. What did she say? Read on for details.

Jamie Otis Miscarriage Heartbreaking Instagram Post

Otis wrote that, “Johnny, today marks one week before you were due.”

While everyone is all excited & full of cheer for the holidays I find myself plastering a smile on my face just so I don’t make it obvious how much it hurts inside,” she continued. “Is it crazy to miss you as much as I do? Am I insane for thinking about what you may look like and daydreaming about what could be if you remained safe & sound inside me.”

It’s been 5 months and sometimes it still feels like I just lost you yesterday,” Otis added. “I spend my days and nights disguising the pain because I know it’s so uncomfortable to talk about & I certainly don’t wanna be a Debbie downer.”

Otis had more to say, writing that, “I will be wearing this necklace I made just for you. It says “mommy of an angel” because you’re my sweet guardian angel. This is my way to keep you close and let you know that you’ll always be with me in my heart. My precious first born son.”

I’ll always love you and cherish you sweet angel,” Otis wrapped with saying. “I’d rather have you here, but I’m so thankful I have an angel in heaven watching over me.”

Otis also linked to an Etsy store for the necklace she’s wearing, writing, “I made these necklaces available for anyone who is going through a loss and wants to keep her angel baby close. My heart goes out to you this holiday season. Link to etsy store: http://etsy.me/2hGN9jk.”

We give Otis so much credit for being os brave and talking so openly about the experience she went through, regardless of how hard it must be to talk about.

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