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Katie and Tom Talk If They’re Happily Married Or Not

Happily Married?

As fans of Vanderpump Rules know, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz get married at the end of this season (read about that here). Now, the pair have opened up to The Daily Mail on how married life is and if they’re happy. What did they have to say?

Katie Maloney Tom Schwartz Happily Married Or Not

On married life, Maloney dished to The Daily Mail that, “‘The pressure’s off, all the insecurities about ‘where is this going?’ that just exist until you do get married… it’s really nice, it feels more relaxing, especially as we’ve had a rough go at a relationship the entire time.”

Schwartz also discussed their prenup, stating, “‘We got a ton of s**t for that. But it seemed like the sensible thing to do. As we were approaching the wedding it was more or less the happiest moment of our lives, even though the road to the wedding was rocky, so we figured, let’s deal with the prenup while things are good, just in case.”

“It’s not romantic to talk about [getting a prenup],’ Maloney elaborated. “But we realize that divorce is an unfortunate but common thing that happens. I don’t think you get married thinking, ‘oh we could just get divorced‘ but I think if you can accept that that’s reality and s**t happens… It’s like, you don’t have insurance because you anticipate getting into a car accident or getting severely ill, but thank god you have it.”

Tell us- what are your thoughts on the prenup? Are you happy to hear they’re doing well? Sound off in the comments below.

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