Nathan Griffith Wanted

Nathan Griffith Wanted Ad Unveiled

Wanted Ad!

Early yesterday, we reported that Teen Mom 2 Dad Nathan Griffith had a warrant out for his arrest due to an alleged domestic violence incident (read about that here). Then, earlier today, we reported that Griffith had been arrested on two separate charges (read about that here). Now, a wanted ad for Griffith from the initial warrant yesterday has surfaced. Want to see it?

Nathan Griffith Wanted Ad Unveiled

Here is the ad that was surfacing yesterday:

Nathan Griffith Wanted

As you can see, the ad details that Griffith was wanted for “domestic violence second degree.”

According to Legal Beagle, the definition of what second degree domestic violence means can vary “from one jurisdiction to the next,” but it “is a felony” that “involves a person attempting or causing physical harm by any means.”

We will be sure to keep you posted as more details regarding Griffith’s current situation emerge.

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