Tamra Judge Family

EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Judge’s Family Stuns In Gorgeous Holiday Photos

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

The holiday season is now officially upon us. Apart from gift shopping and decorating, one thing we love is looking through Christmas photos people post. Recently, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge posted a slew of beautiful, stunning family Christmas photos. Want to see them and find out what she had to tell us about them? Read on for details.

Tamra Judge Family Stuns In Gorgeous Holiday Photos Exclusive

On the photos, Judge exclusively told us that, “Honestly it’s our first family photo since Eddie and I have been married.”

Tamra Judge Family

She did indicate taking the photos were bittersweet, as her oldest daughter, Sidney, was absent from them. On this, Judge said, “It felt wrong to do them without Sidney.”

Tamra Judge Family

However, Judge noted that, “The kids are getting older and our family is growing and I knew I needed to capture these moments.”

Tamra Judge Family

While we shared with Judge how we felt all the photos came out gorgeous, she said, “Family picture taking can definitely be stressful and taking these photos was no different. It was hard to get everyone to smile and pose at the same time, but based on the photos that came out, I’m glad we did it.”

Tamra Judge Family

The gorgeous photos were taken by Judge’s wedding photographer, Christine Bentley, who can be found on Instagram @ChrisBentley.

Tamra Judge Family

We look forward to hearing about how all of the Housewives spend their holidays. Based on these photos, it’s clear Judge’s family is off to a good start!

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