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Chelsea Houska Talks If Her Sisters Were Teen Moms

Teen Moms Too?

While everyone who watches Teen Mom 2 knows that Chelsea Houska was a teen mom, rumors have been circulating on the internet that her sisters were also teenagers when they became parents. Houska recently sent a DM about this that was posted on @teenmom2central on Twitter that clears this up. What did she say?

Chelsea Houska Sisters Teen Moms Also?

In the DM that was published, Houska writes, “This is SO random ha but I’ve seen quite a few posts here and there saying that all or at least a couple of my sisters were all teen moms.”

“And it drives me nuts,” she continued, “because none of them were! The 2 oldest were both married before having their kids and my other sister was in her 20s when she had both of her girls :)”

If you ever happen to see a comment on that please help me clear it up!” she added.

“IDK why it bothers me so much,” she wrapped with saying. “Hahah thank youuu.”

So there you have it- Houska’s sisters were NOT teenagers when they became parents, and that is coming straight from her. Consider that rumor put to bed.

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