Lamar Odom Reality Show

Lamar Odom New Reality Show Coming

New Show!

Recently, we reported that Lamar Odom entered a rehabilitation facility (read about that here). Now, according to a new report in US Weekly, Odom is going to be starring in a new reality series documenting his journey in staying sober! Read on for details.

Lamar Odom Reality Show Coming

According to an insider who spoke to US, Odom is going to be starring in a reality show that will focus “on his recovery.”

While we think the idea of a reality show focused on recovery isn’t a bad one, reality shows can put people in pressure cooker situations and can evoke strong reactions from viewers on social media.

Odom has a history of struggling with substance abuse and we hope the pressures a reality show could place on him would not cause him to relapse. If he can do this, then we think the show would be good to get more of a conversation regarding recovery going.

Tell us- what are your thoughts? Should Odom do this show? Sound off in the comments below.

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