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Leah Messer To Fight Corey For Custody?

Custody Battle?

While Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer seems to be doing much better as a whole, one thing that has not changed is her custody situation of her twins with ex Corey Simms (read about that here) which is currently shared 50/50. Now that Messer’s life is back on track, could she be preparing to fight Simms for full custody? Read on for details.

Leah Messer Custody Ready To Fight Corey Simms Over Twins?

Messer recently talked to Radar Online and told them that she “absolutely” will “not” be fighting Simms for full custody.

“I think the way that it is right now is great,” she continued. “It works for both of the kids and us.”

We actually co-parent great,” she added. “We get along good. We’re in a very good place.”

Messer also added that right now she’s not looking to date anyone, but rather is “focusing on myself and the girls. That’s the only thing I’m working on.”

We are so thrilled to hear Messer is doing so well and that things are well between her and Simms. We continue to hope to see Messer continuing down this path of wellness and applaud her efforts to get here!

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