Lala Speaks Out On Leaving Vanderpump Rules

Statement Issued!

As we exclusively reported months ago, Lala Kent is departing Vanderpump Rules this season (read about that here). Now, Kent has released a statement to E! News about her leaving the show. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules Statement On Leaving

Kent’s statement was the following: “My reasoning for leaving was I felt like it was too much of a negative impact on my day-to-day life. There was not enough good to outweigh the bad. I’ve also worked so hard on my talent as far as singing and acting goes, and no one has really recognized that. It’s just been a bunch of s**t-slinging. I just don’t care to be part of anything like that.

While this is what Kent is saying, some of her co-stars have a different story, claiming that she was fired; Kent, however, is sticking to what she said above.

Tell us- what are your thoughts on what Kent said? Sound of f in the comments below.

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