Amber Marchese Cheated

Amber Marchese Cheated On Jim? Exclusive

Extramarital Affair?

This season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars has certainly been an explosive one, much to the addition of Amber and Jim Marchese (see more here). Tonight, Amber is confronted by some of her fellow castmates about cheating on Jim. What are they saying and what did she have to tell us when we reached out to her exclusively? Read on for details!

Amber Marchese Cheated On Jim? Exclusive

After refusing to take a lie detector test last week, housemate Karen Gravano asks Marchese, “Do you feel by you not taking the lie detector test that it’s gonna put like, one percent chance of him being like, ‘something happened?’”

Amber responds that, “We’ve never accused one or the other of having an affair.

“That’s not true!” castmate Keke Wyatt responds with.

“It’s never come up, ever in our conversations,” Marchese adds. “To throw that at me and to Jim- it’s not cool.”

Some of the other cast members then continue discussing this with Amber, as can be seen in the clip below:

We reached out to Amber who exclusively told us that, “Some of the cast members clearly  wanted to inject themselves into my marriage, which, as you can see, I never did that to them. And trust me I had a lot to say but just kept it to myself.”

Amber added that, “I find it hilarious though that the people that did have opinions on my marriage are either not even married, married for a hot minute and fighting on bootcamp, or stringing their so called loved ones along because they want their cake and eat it too. Their opinions are ripe.”

“And for the record,” Amber wrapped with telling us, “no, I did not have an affair. I would never do that to my husband. We love one another very much and are devoted to our marriage.”

We are thrilled- and not surprised- to hear that there was no affair.

We will definitely be tuning into the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars finale tonight.

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