EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Devin Duggan from TLC’s “Married By Mom and Dad” Talks Getting Married To a Stranger!

Happy couples get married every single day, but what if the couple had NEVER even met and their parents choose their partner for them? That’s exactly what happens on TLC’s hit series, Married By Mom and Dad. We have been hooked on the new show and really interested to see if Mom and Dad really do always know best! We caught up with one of the stars of the show this season, Devin Duggan who’s a former professional football player and is ready to settle down. Check out our exclusive Q&A with Duggan to see what he had to say about this season!


Q: Why did you decide to join the show & have your parents choose your wife for you?

A: “I decided to join the show and allow my parents to choose my wife for a few reasons. I haven’t always had the best selection in women that I have selected for myself in the past. My parents know me better than I know myself and know the type of woman I need in my life. So when presented with the opportunity like this to have my parents select for me, I figured why not.”


Q: Watching both dates that your parents went on, what was your initial impression of both & how do you think they went?

A: “Watching both dates, I can see why my parents selected Ursula and Kelsi as their top 2 after going through a ton of potential candidates. Both carried themselves extremely well and both have the type of qualities my mom has always told me to go after. I think the dates went well, although it made me laugh seeing Ursula’s choice of date be on a boat. My mom is just not the adventurous type so I knew that wasn’t going too well. But overall both the dates went better than I could ever expect and my parents had a difficult decision.”


Q: Even if you weren’t attracted to her at first glance, do you think your parents made the right decision picking Ursula or would you have rather them picked Kelsi?

A: I can totally see why my parent picked Ursula. She possesses a lot of qualities that my mom has. Independent. Strong. Career driven. I trust my parents in their selection. They know what type of girl I need in my life and one that can deal with me on a daily basis. Kelsi is a fantastic woman; I just don’t know if my parents saw Kelsi being the type to be that staple in my life.”


Q: When Ursula reached out to you prior to meeting you, how did you feel?

A: “I don’t blame her for reaching out. If I knew the women that applied I’m sure I would have been tempted to go look at their social media accounts too. Social media can tell you a lot about a person. She, as well as I, wanted to make sure we were serious about getting married and settling down. Actions, or should I say pictures, can always speak louder than words.”


Q: How did you feel on your wedding day before the ceremony? What were your friends & family saying that day to you that day?

A: “To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Guys get married to girls they have been dating for YEARS and are nervous at their wedding. Here I am not able to meet the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with is absolutely nerve wracking. My family and friends were just telling me to trust the process. That my parents know what is best for me. Everyone was very excited for me so that helped calm the nerves I had.”


Q: Ursula dropped a bomb and asked you to sign a prenup? How do you feel about that & what did your parents think about that?

A: “Signing a prenup was a mutual thing. I think it was the smartest decision and I was actually impressed that Ursula had brought it up instead of me. I worked hard for my success as did she and even the thought of losing that would be devastating for either one of us. My parents know how hard I’ve worked for everything I have, whether it was while I was playing professional football or the successful businessman I am now, so they always support every decision I make, including signing the prenup.”

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