EXCLUSIVE Q&A: “The Multi-Dating Philosofixer” Stacii Jae Johnson Tells Us The REAL Story Regarding Her 2012 DUI Arrest, & Addresses Rumors That She Didn’t Write Her Book!

Everyone goes through ups and downs in their lives, but most ups and downs aren’t quite like the ladies of Centric’s hit docu-series From The Bottom Up, produced by Queen Latifah and Nicci Gilbert. The series follows a group of a women striving to change their lives, rebuild their families, and live their dreams after falling and hitting rock bottom. One of the show’s stars, Stacii Jae Johnson who is a woman of many talents. Johnson is a SAG Actress, Radio & Television Personality, Lifestyle Influencer, and a Women’s Empowerment advocate… and she can also add Author to her list of titles. Stacii is the author of “Date Girl: 143 Reason Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men” which talks about the multi-dating philosophy that Stacii follows. We got the amazing opportunity of talking with Stacii about her show on Centric and her book. Check out our interview with her below!


Q: Why did you decide to do reality TV in the first place?

A: “Being an actress, I NEVER thought I would do reality. But when situations happen in your life, I felt like I needed a voice and I needed to tell my story and if done correctly, I feel like I could do that in the reality tv space.”


Q: A few of your castmates have alluded to the fact that you’re an alcoholic this season, so could you clear up the rumors of your DUI Arrest in 2012 & you being an alcoholic?

A: “The thing about alcoholism is that it’s a very serious disease and there’s millions of people suffering from this disease across the country. So, when there’s jokes being made about me being an alcoholic and things like that I take offense to it. Not just because of me, but because of the seriousness of alcoholism across the country. People are really waking up every morning saying that they want this drink even if they shouldn’t have it… and that’s not who I am. Do I like to go out and have a good time with my friends? Absolutely honey!.”


“The owner agreed to keep the kitchen open for us. But we needed to hurry. Needless to say, I was pulled over for speeding. Driving 82mph in a Porche Panamera (with only 200 miles on it)  felt like I was going 50mph, I’m just saying. The officer flashed his flashlight in the car, asked had I been drinking. I was immediately nervous and scared. I was confused and everything bad went through my head that could. I held a very high profile job within the Atlanta Mayors office. I asked myself, should I tell him about the one drink I had earlier? Or would that get me arrested? So instead of answering, I asked could I call my attorney. I never took the DUI test. I didn’t know not taking the DUI test meant that that I would still get arrested and a DUI ticket. I also didn’t know that his audio or video cameras were not working which for me would have been proof that my behavior or driving was what he deemed it to be. I didn’t know the GA laws. That is my fault. If I know now what I didn’t know then, I would have taken the test. The charges were eventually dropped after I went to court. But that took a year. A year is a long time. I lost my job. My life fell apart after that. But I never took a DUI test. And I was not drunk.”


Q: We see there’s a lot of rumors and conflict this season between you & a few cast members… can you tell us more about that?

A: “I don’t really feel like i’m in conflict with anyone… especially this season. I can tell you that last season, I really had a chip on my shoulder. This season, I can tell you  there are people spreading rumors that I’m an alcoholic and other horrible accusations about me. Unfortunately, people can just say things and lead people to believe whatever they want. I can tell you that at this point in my life there are so many wonderful things happening in my life that I tend to not even give life to the negative narrative some of the cast are ranting about.”


Q: Let’s talk about your book! Can you tell us more about it and what you would like your readers to get out of the book?

A: “The premise of my book is that single women give their most precious gift of monogamy to men that haven’t done anything to deserve it. It actually took me two years to write this book because back in the day I would go out on about 5 dates with a man and instantly make him my boyfriend! I would start cooking and cleaning for him… even though he hasn’t done anything to deserve me and I’m giving him all of me. I was very fearful about starting over with someone else after giving someone all of me, so I would stay in the relationship. Then, I started to date multiple guys and I started to realize that the things I thought were wrong with me because something that one guy would hate about me, another guy would love about me. I would spend a lot of time trying to change something about myself and then there’s someone over here that loves that. That is all because I didn’t date enough guys. So, what I tell people is to DATE DATE DATE! If you just enjoy the date and not focus on the result of the date, you really start enjoying your dating life again.”

“There’s also a rumor out there that my cast mate is throwing around stating that I didn’t write my book. Let me say that I absolutely DID write my book and there’s proof out there that I did! With these ladies, there’s just so many things thrown out there, very hurtful things. I decided, if I don’t address it then the negative rumors and lies just continue to spread.”


Q: Has your philosophy worked & have you found the one?

A: “Yes, I’m a living testimony! We’ve been dating a year and I can tell you that when we first started dating, he told me that there was no way he was going to be with someone that did that… because a woman dating like that wouldn’t be focused on him and all of these negative things that he thought in his head. After about two weeks he called me and asked me just to go out and from that point we started dating. I was still dating other people and there were times that he was uncomfortable with it, but that’s just where I was. I spent twenty years giving myself to men that didn’t deserve me, so I had to stand up for what I believed in and for myself! That was something I refused to back down from. Eventually he did come around and about three months after that we started dating exclusively. It worked and he’s a good man too!”


Q: Even though this book is particularly for women, What if there is a man out there interested in reading this book… would you recommend it?

A: “I’ve had Father’s buy the book for their daughters, nieces, etc… because some of  these young girls are out there thinking they’re going to ‘die’ without their boyfriend! They just need to DATE more people and emphasis on DATE because i’m not saying to have sex with them, just DATE. It is humbling to have men buy my book.”

“I’ve also had men that are just really curious to see what’s in the book and want to see what they’re up against and what girls are thinking. There are actually ladies in Atlanta that say that every single woman in the country needs to be reading my book and calling my book the “single girls dating bible!”.


Q: How has the show brought attention to your book?

A: “Yes, because what i’ve actually been doing these pop ups at book clubs across the country over skype. For instance, I might be in Atlanta or New York or DC and there might be in a book club in LA that is reading the book and really wants me to come out there, but they can’t afford it… I can just get on skype and take questions from them! I can do three or four of those in one night and the show has really helped me to build my brand so that I can maximize those opportunities. I’ve been all across the world talking about my book and this is all taking me into my next book.”


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